Friday, August 30, 2013


Ship's Log  08.30.2013


Ahoy Mateys! This be a special post to introduce ye to a wonderfully talented young lady. My daughter, Jackie Ramsdell, has a passion for crocheting. She has opened up her own Etsy shop and she makes the most adorable lovey blankets, characters and more. I wanted to share some photos of her projects along with links to her Etsy page, Facebook page and Pinterest Board. I hope you enjoy this post and visit Jackie's shop soon. Her items are well made and reasonably priced. She can use most any color you want for each project and she even takes requests. If you have a certain theme or character in mind, just ask and she will do her best to create it for you. She will always show you the end product before shipping it to you, to make sure it is what you want. So, please enjoy these pictures and make sure to visit her shop HERE.

Meet my daughter,
Jackie Kathleen Ramsdell

Jackie is a stay-at-home mommy that works hard taking care of her house and my granddaughter, Cassie. Jackie is also due to have her second daughter late Sept/early Oct. (obviously, this is an older photo) She learned the basics of crocheting in school and then quickly surpassed her teacher and began to create gorgeous projects. She stopped crocheting for a while and then got back into it in a big way. As you can see from the pictures, she can create lovey blankets, bigger blankets, characters that stand alone, baby clothing and more. Her Loveys would make great baby shower gifts! She is always adding to her shop, so stop by regularly to see what she has to offer. 

Minnie Mouse Lovey

Knight Lovey

Bear pink or blue (or any color of your choice)

Doggy Lovey

Minion Lovey

Froggy rattle

Piggy Lovey

Baby clothing....check out site for more items!

Butterfly blanket

Fingerless gloves

Ghost Lovey ( she also has a Mrs. Claus one)

Horse Lovey

There ye have it, Mateys! Head over to Jackie's shop to see all that she has to offer. Like I mentioned above, she can change the colors of her projects to meet your needs.


Jackie has generously offered to give one of her items away to one of my commenters. Here is how you can get entries:

1. Leave a comment with your name and email (so I know how to contact you)

2. Go to  and 'favorite' Jackie's shop on Etsy.

3. 'Like' her Facebook page HERE

4. Follow her on Pinterest  HERE.

5. Follow me blog (if ye already follow, ye be gettin' an entry)

For every task ye do above, ye will get an extra entry. So, let me be knowin' which ones ye be doin' in yer comments below!  This giveaway will be endin' Thursday, September 5th. Winner will be announced on Friday, September 6th.(This be fer US residents only Mateys...unless ye be willin' to pay the postage to send ye the item)


12-18 month Flutter Sleeve Vest

 Mrs. Claus Lovey

 Clutch Purse

 Doggy Lovey

 Fingerless Gloves

 0-3 month baby sweater


Thanks fer comin' aboard, Mateys! Please be spreadin' the word about this here post, so that others can see me daughter's wares! God bless! 


  1. Chap, thanks for sharing:)

    God has blessed you with a great talent:) Wow, wish I knew how to do that, LOL crocheting is something I wish I knew how to do:) keep using those God given talents and you will be blessed.

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  4. Sorry Chap,
    Oops me computer is doing funny things this am, leaving multiple comments:)

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  6. I love Jackie's stuff! Great talent, indeed. :) I did 2, 3, 4 & 5.
    Susan P
    tsazspoll at hotmail dot com

    1. And ye did #1, too. That be five entries fer ye, Susan! Thanks fer comin' aboard!

  7. I'm leaving a comment! Jackie, you know I love everything you make! You ARE super talented :) I already had Jackie's shop as a favorite, although I think in checking I accidentally unfavorited and favorited again lol. I already like her Facebook page and follow her on Pinterest. And I do "follow" your blog in that I read all of your posts... not sure if you meant subscribe, but I usually don't do that because then that's a lot of emails. So you can count that or not. You know how to contact me :D

    Jackie, thanks for doing this giveaway!!

    1. Ye be havin' 5 entries, Sarah! Thanks fer bein' such a loyal commenter, Matey!

  8. Wow she is sooooo talented! Would definitely love to win one of her items!!

    1. Hey Laura! You have an entry! Good luck! And yes, she has talent, I am very proud of her. :-)

  9. Hi Debbie! Your daughter is amazingly talented!! I love her lovies and other crocheted items. I have a daughter that would LOVE the fingerless gloves. :)

    thanks for the giveaway!

    ladettek[at] gmail[dot]com

    Oh, and I did all 5 things!!

    1. Yay! Five entries for Ladette! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck!

  10. I just love them all!!!! But since I am a Disney Nut! Minnie Mouse had got to be my fave!!! I will check out the Etsy shop & I think I already follow on pinterest. I will make sure I have done all those things on the list... cuz I can't remember what I have & haven't! Enter me!!! My email:

    1. You are entered, Jessica! I trust you to do them all, so you get 5 entries!

  11. I really like the Mrs Claus lovey. :)

    1. It is very cute, isn't it? You are entered!

  12. Love the Fingerless Gloves! Could so much use those during the fall and winter season when doing lots of data entry!!

    1. Tracy Finch
    TLCFinch4 (at) gmail (dot) com

    2. Added Jackie's shop to my favorites on Etsy

    3. Like her Facebook page.

    4. Follow her on Pinterest

    5. And follow you on your blog


    1. Wow, ye be so organized, Tracy, that be an admirable trait! Ye be havin' 5 entries, Matey! Good luck!