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Ship's Log  02.27.2016




              What I spied from the deck of me ship
                   February 20th-February 26th

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome aboard, find yerself a nice spot on the deck and enjoy.


This week I was trying to think of a book that I could share AND give away, so I searched my bookshelf. I found this book that I must have won from somewhere, because I do not remember buying it. I haven't read it, so I can't give my personal opinion. But, I can share the link on Amazon along with the description. 


Join the S.A.V.E. Squad—Sunny, Aneta, Vee, and Esther—as the four sixth-grade girls, with nothing in common but their differences, come together to save a secondhand petting zoo and miniature horse.


This sounds like a great book for someone with a child in this age range, especially if they love horses. Check out the GIVEAWAY section below on how you can win this book. 

Here is the link, so you can check out prices and reviews: 

                            MOVIES & TV


This week I decided to ask my grandson, Lucas, what his favorite movie was and he said SPACE BUDDIES. I asked him why he likes it and here is what he said:

It is with puppies in space and they accidentally launch from a rocket to the moon. It is a really funny movie. There is a space station where they refuel and the space station blows up. The bad guy and the space buddies escape.


Sounds like an exciting movie. Check it out at it's IMDb page here:

                        SPACE BUDDIES



 The blog party is running throughout February, so you still have plenty of time to head over to each blog and enter in the drawings! Here are the links to the blogs:

Debbie Lynne Costello
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If you have been coming aboard my blog lately, you have noticed me mention Carrie Fancett Pagels a few times. Well, here I go again. Carrie has another blog called COLONIAL QUILLS. It's a great blog that offers so much, including interviews, book reviews and the most wonderful virtual tea parties out there! NEXT TEA PARTY WILL BE ON FRIDAY, MARCH 4TH!

About Colonial Quills

Colonial Quills is a website devoted to promoting colonial  to earlyAmerican inspirational fiction. We offer reviews and interviews, with a focus on works by our members.  We offer occasional gatherings with the authors, online, in a tea party format. We hope that readers will learn about colonial and early American facts and enjoy doing so!  Our authors will take you to many colonial sites and will dig up research on historical facts they may have included in their own works of fiction.  
Contributors or “Colonial Quillers” are Christian writers formed from a subgroup of Colonial American Christian Writers. This Yahoo group was founded by Carrie Fancett Pagels for authors of colonial works or writers seriously pursuing publication in this subgenre. 
We welcome you to CQ and hope you will be transported to a time early in our country’s history.


Carrie Fancett Pagels - Founder of Colonial American Christian Writers. Award-winning author of Christian historical romance. Her colonial-era novel, "Saving the Marquise's Granddaughter", releases from Pelican Book Group/White Rose Imprint in June, 2016. She's the author of The Christy Lumber Camp Trilogy, set near the straits of Mackinac, where she grew up! Loves beading, baking, researching, and traveling--but not all at the same time!

Carla Olson Gade - Designer of Colonial Quills's website. She is the author of  eight books including two colonials: Pattern for Romance, set in pre-Revolutionary Boston and a mid-18th century Connecticut novella, "Carving a Future, in Colonial Courtships and The American Dream Romance Collection. "Proving Up" in the Homestead Brides Collection (1875) and"Season of Love" in Mistletoe Memories (1818) are bestsellers. Carla is represented by Chip MacGregor of MacGregor Literary Agency. 

Cynthia Howerter - Award-winning author Cynthia Howerter loves all things historical. An avid history buff, she frequently visits historic sites to better understand the events that transpired there. Her favorite time period is the colonial era and as the descendant of several Revolutionary War soldiers, history flows through her veins. Cynthia loves using her writing, teaching, research, speaking, and genealogical skills to introduce people to the beginnings of our country. Visit Cynthia's 

Elaine Marie Cooper - Award winning author Elaine Marie Cooper grew up in Massachusetts and loves writing novels about the history of the American Revolution. She has one YA historical fiction ("Fields of the Fatherless") but most of her work is for an older audience. "Road to Deer Run" re-releases with new edits and new cover on Dec. 10, 2015. In 2016, "Promise of Deer Run" and "Legacy of Deer Run" will release in June and December, respectively. A brand new release, "Saratoga Letters," releases Oct. 4, 2016.

Janet Grunst - Writer working on the second colonial novel of a trilogy set in Virginia. She is represented by Linda Glaz at Hartline Literary Agency. Janet is the co-chairman of the northern branch of the Tidewater Christian Fiction Writers Group.

Roseanna White - Author of Jewel of Persia and Stray Drop of Blood, her novel Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland was released in May 2011. Roseanna owns Whitefire Publishing. She is represented by Karen Ball of the Steve Laube Agency.

Susan Ford Craft - Author of The Chamomile, a Revolutionary War romantic suspense released in Nov. 2011, which won the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance Okra Pick. Two sequels to The Chamomile entitled Laurel and Cassia, will be released in January 2015 and later in the year, respectively, by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. I am represented by Linda S. Glaz, Hartline Literary Agency.

Shannon McNear - Author of Defending Truth in A Pioneer Christmas Collection (Barbour, 2013 & 2015), a 2014 RITA award nominee, and The Highwayman in The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection (Barbour, 2015). In addition to writing for Colonial Quills, she does the Sunday devotioals at The Borrowed Book. She can also be found at

J.M. Hochstetler - Author of the American Patriot series: Daughter of Liberty, Native Son, Wind of the Spirit, and Crucible of War (2012). Her American Patriot series blog focuses on research, the Revolution, and writing the series. Represented by Joyce Hart Literary Agency.

Pegg Thomas is a life-long history geek, it’s no surprise that historical fiction is her genre. Colonial America and the Civil War era are favorite time periods to both read and write. Her favorite type of book centers on a great fiction story surrounded by factual historical events. Pegg was a finalist in the 2013 ACFW First Impressions Contest and the 2014 Clash of the Titles Olympia. Learn more at

Denise Weimer authored The Georgia Gold Series, historical romance with a touch of mystery set between the Gold Rush and Reconstruction in Savannah and Northeast Georgia ( Book three won the John Esten Cooke Award for authentic Southern literature. Look for the debut of her Restoration Trilogy (WHITE, WIDOW, and WITCH), in the spring of 2016. Historical preservationist Jennifer Rushmore oversees the restoration of brooding bachelor Michael Johnson's historic doctor's house, apothecary shop and log cabin, unearthing a heart healing lesson from the past with each project. The history behind WITCH features Colonial Piedmont Georgia at the time of the Oconee Creek Indian Wars.
Gabrielle Meyer lives in central Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River with her husband and four children. As an employee of the Minnesota Historical Society, she fell in love with the rich history of her state and enjoys writing fictional stories inspired by real people and events. Gabrielle writes about her passion for history, Minnesota, and her faith.

Angela K Couch is an award-winning author for her short stories, and a semi-finalist in ACFW’s 2015 Genesis Contest for her Revolutionary War novel that will be published by Pelican Book Group. As a passionate believer in Christ, her faith permeates the stories she tells. Her martial arts training, experience with horses, and appreciation for good romance sneak in there, as well. Angela lives in Alberta, Canada with her “hero” and three munchkins.

Andrea Boeshaar is a Christian author of historical & contemporary romances and women's fiction. She's had 29 novels published as well as 8 novellas along with a host of nonfiction. One million copies of her books are in print! Andrea is also a writing coach.


                         COLONIAL QUILLS

                       SHIP'S GALLEY:

Racing Rabbit Easter Treats by Living Locurto
Racing Rabbit Easter Treats by Living Locurto
 These Easter Racing Rabbits are so cute and super fun for kids of all ages!  


First you need to gather a few simple ingredients then the race is on!

Time To Rev Up Your Engines

1. Starting with the the Twinkies, you will need to cut a rectangle out of the top of each cake. Do this about 3/4 of the way down the cake.  

2. Now stick the Peep Bunny into the space you just cut out. Then stick in the pretzel right in front of the bunny. 
3. Next cut two marshmallows in half. With the icing as your "glue" stick the marshmallows on the cakes to represent your wheels. 

4. Use the same icing and stick an M&M in the center of each marshmallow. 

That's it!  Your racing rabbits are ready to face off in an Easter derby! Enjoy this cute craft with your own favorite bunny this Spring! 

I am giving away my copy of SECONDHAND HORSES to one of my commenters. Just leave a message(along with your email) in the comments below to get your name in the drawing. (US ONLY, SORRY) The winner will be announced on my next blog post.



Come back next week, Mateys, to see who be winning a copy of SECONDHAND HORSES!



Have a blessed week!