Monday, August 5, 2013


Ship's Log  08.05.2013

Faces Clip Art

Ahoy Mateys! Me MONDAY MOOD SWING be back!


Today's MOOD be.......HOT FLASHES

You heard me right, my mood today is about hot flashes....any men reading this may not want to continue may leave....won't hurt my feelings one bit. 

Okay, now that the men are gone, let's talk about this annoying problem that the majority of us women have....

I can get all technical and talk medical talk, but where is the fun in that? HA! Every woman who has ever had a hot flash knows what a pain they don't need a medical degree to realize this.

Whether you are a young woman having hot flashes once a month, or an older woman, LIKE ME, who has hot flashes several times a day....EVERY learn how to cope with them eventually. Even though it feels like you are dying when a hot flash hits, you learn how to weather that miserable, tropical feeling.

So, what are some ways that you can manage hot flashes? I know some who have taken certain drugs to keep those flashes at bay, but I just cannot do that.....and not just because I've heard horror stories about growing a mustache. 

I just do not like taking medicine, so I have to deal with these flashes in other ways. My GO TO thing is a fan. Not an electric fan, although I do use those too. I am talking about a handheld fan. I actually have one that looks similar to one in the picture below. How often do I 'fan' myself? Well, let me say this: my 5 year old grandson, when he lived near by (let's not go there!) used to walk around my house holding one of my fans saying "I am having a hot flash"....and my granddaughter, who will be 2 in October, already knows how to use a hand fan. I have hand fans throughout my house, because I never know when I will need one. At night, I have a small electric fan that points directly at my face while I sleep. This actually helps me to sleep throughout the night. 

Another way to keep cool...especially during a very hot summer? I grab a cold, wet wash cloth and drape in around my neck. I have found that doing this causes my hot flashes to subside more quickly. You would think that putting it on your forehead would work better, but it doesn't. Go figure.

Where are you? Still having visits from AUNT FLOW? Pregnant? On the Menopause train? 

Me? Where am I? I wish I knew. I think I boarded the train and got lost in one of the cars. Some days I seriously think I could melt snow. 

Aren't men wonderful when it comes to our misery? But, I digress.......

And with that I bid you adieu! STAY COOL!!!

(So, what do you think? Weird post? Inappropriate post? Any words of wisdom? Advice? Let your voices be heard! The men are gone, so you can be honest! LOL)


  1. I'm sorry for the discomfort, Debbie! But other than that, this post actually cracked me up :D Especially the "Aunt Flow" and the menopause train. Also the photo with the tropical vacation caption.