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Ship's Log  07.25.2015


(As it says in me video, even though Debra's son, Lucas, did the drawin', it was NOT fixed....LOL)





Monday, July 20, 2015

The Legacy of the King's Pirates!!!! And GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Ship's Log   07.20.2015


Ahoy Mateys! And welcome aboard me blog! Today I be celebratin' the release of me Cap'n MaryLu Tyndall's newest release THE be Book 5 in her LEGACY OF THE KING'S PIRATES series.
I be wantin' to tell ye about these books....along wit' givin' links to them, so ye can get yerselves copies, if ye be inclined to acquiesce to me request. *wink wink*

The Legacy of the King's Pirates is a series that will have ye sailin' on the high seas wit' pirates! Aye, I be sayin' PIRATES! MaryLu has a true talent in writin' about pirates bein' a way that has ye rootin' fer said pirates, can ye believe it?! 
Each book in the series follows the lives of several characters....souls ye will fall in love wit' and cheer on. I suppose each book can be read as a stand-alone book (especially The Ransom), but I suggest that ye start wit' The Redemption and read them in order.....oh my! I envy those who will be readin' this series fer the first time! How excitin' fer them! 

Now, before I get to the books, let me introduce to ye a great lady and the best Cap'n out there, MaryLu Tyndall.................

MaryLu's Bio: 

A Christy Award finalist and best-selling author, MaryLu Tyndall dreamt of tall ships and swashbuckling heroes during her childhood years on Florida's Atlantic Coast. She holds a degree in Math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years. Trapped in a land-locked cubicle, she was often seen pounding furiously upon the keyboard during her lunch hour, creating what would become her Legacy of the King's Pirates series, all the while believing God's promise to her that, "If you write it, I will get it published." And He did! Seventeen books later, her loving husband and six children still haven't gotten used to her historic costumes and nautical speech. MaryLu describes herself as an introvert, patriot, mother of six, grandma, the neighborhood cat-lady, tall ship enthusiast, friend of pirates and mermaids, obsessive compulsive control freak, history lover, hopeless romantic, and a sword wielding princess-warrior of the King of Kings. Her books are filled with adventure and romance and themes that are guaranteed to touch your heart! She continues to pen her romantic tales on the California coast while managing a home, husband, six adult kids, two grandchildren and several stray cats who have decided that her keyboard is the best place to sleep! She believes that without popcorn and chocolate, life would not be worth living, and her sole motivation in life is to bring others closer to God. 




Ye can be findin' these books at  Amazon   Barnes and Noble    Kobo    iTunes

The first four books in this series will have ye so captivated by MaryLu's writing...and Book 5? What will that do to ye? Well, let me say that ye will be havin' so much fun while readin' this adventure! It be givin' ye smile after smile.....with adventure...TIME TRAVEL!, hope, laughter and the most important take-away of ALL of MaryLu's books, the hope of redemption for ALL....even those mean ole PIRATES!!


The newest release, The Reckoning, is MaryLu Tyndall at her finest! A treat for all!

About the book (via

When Morgan Shaw crept into the hold of an old pirate ship replica at San Diego’s Annual Tall Ship Festival, her only intention was to avoid the guy who had just dumped her and who was now boarding the ship with two women on his arm. What she didn’t expect was to wake up aboard a real pirate ship three-hundred years in the past. But of course, it wasn’t real. Her wealthy father had obviously staged it all in an effort to get her mind off her upcoming chemo. Or had he? 

Pirate Rowan Dutton seeks enough treasure to repay a debt to his sister and reinstate the Dutton name among British Jamaican Society. He is but one major haul away from accomplishing his goal when a strange woman appears on his ship and causes him to lose his prey. Despite his anger, he is enthralled with the little minx, her strange clothing, odd speech, and her insistence that they are all actors playing a charade paid for by her father. 

Yet when the brazen little lady divulges Rowan’s secret to a longtime nemesis, events are triggered that could cost them both their lives and change the course of history forever. 

It be gettin' 5 star reviews! Here be what Author Michelle Griep be sayin' about it:

The Reckoning is a rollicking time travel adventure that plummets the reader into a world of treachery, adventure, and romance. Trust me. You won’t want to miss this one! Michelle Griep, author. 

And here be me own review of this amazin' tale:

Can I go back in time?

Captivating! Unbelievable, yet so believable! MaryLu Tyndall has done it again. She has written a tale that will whisk you away into an adventure on the high seas. This is where she truly shines....tales of hope, redemption, fear, love, salvation and of course, Pirates! The Reckoning is truly a treat for those who have read the previous four books from the Legacy of the King's Pirates series. But still enjoyable if you are reading her writing for the first time. Even though I have enjoyed reading MaryLu's books all these years, I truly envy those who are reading this series for the first time.
The Reckoning follows the lives of two very wonderfully written characters: Morgan Shaw, a young woman from our time in history, who finds herself thrown into the past....where she encounters Rowan Dutton, a famous pirate from the year 1694. I was so enthralled and entertained by this story...finding myself laughing out loud one minute and totally wide-eyed-staring the next. I never like to go into detail about books I've read, as not to spoil anything for other readers. That being said, I highly recommend this book to anyone who KNOWS how well MaryLu writes and those who wish to have their imaginations explode in a BACK-TO-THE-FUTURE kinda way. Hahaha! You will LOVE it, I guarantee!!!

Ye can find it here, Mateys!     Amazon   Barnes and Noble   Kobo    iTunes  

I thought it would be fun to ask MaryLu a few questions....not yer ordinary "book" questions, but some quirky, off-the-wall questions. 

Ahoy Cap'n MaryLu! 

  1. Yer ship be under attack! If ye be boarded, what ONE item do ye hide from yer enemy?...........                                                                                                          Me Bible, o' course! 'Tis a two-edged sword,  able t' separate soul from spirit an' discern the intents o' the heart, or somethin' like that. 'Tis the most powerful thing on the seas, says I!  Can't let the enemy destroy it, an' believe me wit' the flap-eared mongrels sailin' these seas, they would do just that. 
  2. Tell me something that only a fly on yer cabin wall would know? No worries, I won't tell. ..........                                                                                                             Hmm, Methinks if ye be puttin' this on yer blog, that be same as tellin', ye rapscallion!  Ye can't fool ole Cap'n Tyndall, though many have tried!  But t' answer yer question, that nosey fly would see that this cap'n has insomnia and oft spends her hours pacin' her cabin or readin' the aforementioned book from question one. But now that ye informed me about this fly, I intend to shoot the little-winged intruder with me pistol the first chance I get. 
  3. Yer ship be grounded fer careening..what do ye and yer crew do to pass the hours away?..........                                                                                                              Ye mean, how do I pass me hours since me crew be the ones careenin' the ship!  If ye promise not to tell me crew, I enjoy a bit of gardenin' and occasionally I put a bit of paint t' canvas. But if they found out, they'd think me a sissy an' we can't have that! 
  4. Where would ye retire to, if ye ever get tired of sailin' the high seas?.........     Methnks I'll ne'er tire of sailin' the high seas, but should I wish fer a rest, any isolated tropical paradise will do. Belize comes t' me mind, or any o' the Virgin Isles. But I'd have t' be near me kids either way.
  5. Which heroine in yer logs do ye relate to the most?..........                                  Capt'n Charlisse Hyde, o' course. She be the heroine in me first book an' a lady close t' me own heart in both her childhood an' in her quest fer true love, which eventually led her t' the truest love o' all!  
  6. Mermaids be in the waters....friend or foe?.........                                                    Like the poor unappreciated egg, Mermaids be gettin' a bad rap these days. O' course there be those who'd rather eat yer brains out than look at ye, but I've met many a mermaid that be kind an' helpful an' love to rescue poor sailors from the sea. 
  7. Yer flags be flyin' high....what be their color/colors?..........                                     Pink an' Black wit a cutlass an' a cross on it. That be me colors, says I! 
  8. Finally.....Not all treasure be silver and gold....what be yer most precious treasure?...                                                                                                             That would be me grandkids, the little scalawags! Love them t' pieces! 

Captain Jack be smilin' because he be knowin' about the giveaway that I be havin'.......


Ye have the chance to win this treasure, Mateys! Four crocheted coasters (made by me daughter, Jackie), a Perler Bead Pirate Ship (made by me daughter, Debra), one of me special Pirate Explodin' Picture boxes and of course a signed copy of MaryLu's book The Reckoning!!!

Here be close-up pictures of the Pirate Box:

If ye be wantin' to win this treasure, Mateys, then listen up! To have yer name put in the hat, all ye need to be doin' is askin' MaryLu a question in the comments. If ye ask a question, yer name will be added in the drawin'......make sure ye be leavin' yer EMAIL ADDRESS, so I know how to contact ye, if ye be winnin'......sorry, Mateys, but ONLY US residents can enter....unless ye be willin' to pay postage. I be but a simple Pirate pockets be empty. Contest BEGINS today and ENDS on ..................Friday, July 24th. Winner will be announced on Saturday, July 25th. 

TO RECAP: Ask MaryLu a QUESTION in the comments and LEAVE YER EMAIL ADDRESS as well, to be entered into the drawin'..... SAVVY

Thanks fer comin' aboard, Mateys! I look forward to seein' what ye be askin' me Cap'n MaryLu!

Here be some memes that I made to help promote THE REDEMPTION....enjoy!

God Bless!