Monday, March 24, 2014


Ship's Log   03.24.2014

Ahoy Mateys! I have two winners to announce to ye! Let's not dilly dally about and get right to it!

Jack Sparrow jack sparrow pirate caribbean

The winner of an ebook copy of The Ransom is:
Angel Burns


The winner of me special Exploding Picture Box is:
Melody Durant

Congratulations Mateys! I will be contacting ye soon! Thanks to everyone who came aboard and participated. Keep yer eye out fer future reviews and giveaways! God bless!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Ship's Log  03.15.2014                                                                         

Ahoy Mateys! It be time fer another I SPY WIT' ME LITTLE EYE post! This be a special one, because it concerns the release of me Cap'n MaryLu Tyndall's newest book  THE RANSOM.

The Ransom
by MaryLu Tyndall

First of all, isn't this a gorgeous cover?! I love it! Secondly, I believe this book to be MaryLu at her best. Once again, she has written a story that will leave you wanting more. I love her pirate books and this, in my opinion, is my favorite one! It could possibly be my favorite out of ALL of her books!

About the author:

Acclaimed author, M.L. (MaryLu) Tyndall dreamt of pirates and sea-faring adventures during her childhood days on Florida's Coast. After obtaining a degree in Math and working as software engineer for 15 years, she decided to test the waters as a writer. With now more than fourteen books published, she makes no excuses for the deeply spiritual themes embedded within her romantic adventures. As a follower of Christ, her stories often reflect her own journey and walk with God. Her hope is that readers will not only be entertained but will be brought closer to the Creator who loves them beyond measure. In a culture that accepts the occult, wizards, zombies, and vampires without batting an eye, MaryLu hopes to show the awesome present and powerful acts of God in a dying world. A Christy award nominee, MaryLu makes her home with her husband, six children, and four cats on the California coast, where her imagination still surges with the sea.

I have read every one of MaryLu's books and I highly recommend them all! 

As for The Ransom, here is it's description, followed by my review and a link to purchase the paperback or ebook.


Port Royal, Jamaica 1692 

Living in a city deemed the wickedest in the world is no easy task for Miss Juliana Dutton. To make matters worse, with an ailing father and a drunken fool for a brother, she is forced to take over the running of the family business in order to survive. When a meddlesome suitor threatens to discover her secret and cast them all onto the streets, she agrees to a spurious engagement with the town buffoon, Lord Munthrope. She only hopes the man is trustworthy. 

The Pirate Earl, Alexander Hyde, son of the infamous Captain Edmund Merrick Hyde, is the most feared pirate in Port Royal. Disillusioned with the religion of his parents and the pleasures of the world, Alex staves off his emptiness by leading a dual life to hide his deepest secrets. 

A long-time enemy is out to destroy Alex and take Juliana for his own. Struggling to maintain her faith in the Divine, Juliana faces her problems bravely, but the harder she tries, the more it seems everything is working against her. Unwittingly, she and her weak fiancé become entangled in the hostility between the Pirate Earl and his enemy, while even more dangerous forces are rising up to destroy them all.

Does it have your interest yet? If not, check out my review:

I'm thirsty for more!

You have got to read this book! It will catch you from page one and keep you captive until the very end. Oh, why did it have to end?
I truly believe that this is MaryLu at her finest. I am so happy that she has once again dipped her quill into the ink of adventure upon the high seas, romance and let's not forget about the pirates!
The Ransom is Book Four in a series, but no worries if you haven't read the first three. This book can totally stand on it's own. However, I highly recommend reading the entire series.
The main characters (or what I like to call actors, because I feel like I am enjoying a movie rather than a book) are wonderfully written. The banter that goes back and forth between Alex and Juliana is priceless. I found myself laughing out loud while reading certain passages and totally blown away by the history unfolding before my eyes.
I really do not want to give away too much, so I will simply say.....”Hahaha!” “Oh my!” “Sniff sniff...” “Are you kidding me?!” “Wow, I didn't see that coming!” “Oh my!” (yes, again) “Praise be to God!” “Look out!” “Ha! You SO deserved that!”
I have read every book that MaryLu Tyndall has written. She has never disappointed me with her writing. Each book has brought me everything that I look for in a story....excitement, intrigue, humor, history, romance and most of all faith. Throughout her writing career, MaryLu has stayed true to her faith. I suppose this quote from the book sums it up for her:
“I have not chosen it. It has chosen me.”

Huzzah, MaryLu! Here's to many more adventures!

Jack Sparrow jack sparrow pirate caribbean

I truly believe that anyone who reads this book will not be disappointed....except for it leaving you wanting more. 

You can purchase the ebook HERE.   And the paperback HERE.


Now, for the giveaway. I will be giving away an ebook copy of The Ransom to one commenter. I will also be giving away one of my handmade, one-of-a-kind Exploding Picture Boxes to one commenter.....two prizes, two chances to win something. Below are pictures of the box to be given away. If you wish to enter, simply leave a comment with your NAME and EMAIL. It's that simple! This contest will run from March 15-March 22. Winners will be announced on Monday, March 24th. (ebook giveaway is for all, but the box giveaway is for US resident's only...unless winner agrees to pay postage)

If ye have already read the book, please mention in the comments how much you loved it, so that others can see how great of a read it is! Thanks!

THE RANSOM   Exploding Picture Box
(Love themed, to display photos of you and your love)

 I am holding the box in this picture to show it's actual size.


This shows how to place pictures in the box. There is room for 8 pictures. (or more, if you print them out really small.)There are three layers to the box. The first layer is just for looks. The other two layers are for your pictures. Like I mentioned, it's love themed, with love quotes on all layers. My granddaughter's picture is just an example used to show placement on the layers......She is a cutie, isn't she? 

So, there ye have it, Mateys! So begin yer commenting and please be spreadin' the word! 

Thanks fer comin' aboard! God bless!