Thursday, August 29, 2013

ME FAVORITE CAPTION BE...................

Ship's Log   08.29.2013

Purple-hair Silly Face Clip Art

Okay, Mateys, here be me favorite caption from yesterday's post.  It be mighty hard to choose just one, but here it be:

"I said NO MORE SIPPY CUPS! You are banished from this kingdom!" looks like she be bowin' in compliance to his demand. Great caption Susan! Thank ye fer playin'!

Come back next week fer another WORDLESS WEDNESDAY WITH A TWIST, Mateys!   God bless.


  1. Congrats, Susan!! I agree with Debbie's choice, that was hilarious :D

  2. Bahaha! Ya'll are silly. I did think she looked like she was bowing in compliance and that came to me. :) The picture still makes me giggle.