Monday, August 26, 2013


Ship's Log  08.26.2013

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Ahoy Mateys! It be time fer me MONDAY MOOD SWING!  


Today's MOOD be.......Sisters

I have been blessed with four sisters, 3 older than me and 1 younger. Let me introduce you to the Jones girls.


This is my oldest sister, Linda. She lives in Susanville, California with her hubby Walt. In this picture, she is holding up a quilt that I made for her one Christmas.


This is my second to the oldest sister, Barbara. She lives in Boonville, Arkansas with her hubby Billy. All
 of us sisters look alike in some way, but I think that me and Barbara share a lot of physical traits.


This is my sister, Mary. She lives in Crescent City, California with her hubby Alan. Mary is just one year older than I am. She was my protector in school....I was shy and she would hurt (physically) anyone who messed with me. She is holding her granddaughter in this picture.

Norma and Debbie

This is my youngest sister, Norma, and I this past Christmas. Norma lives in Oroville, California with her hubby Rich. In this picture we are holding up two ornaments that Norma gave me for Christmas. She gives me a new ornament every year....she gave me two this time.

Having sisters can be fun. Yes, there are those times when you cannot stand each other, but those times pass quickly. When Norma and I were really young, we were best of friends. Once we hit puberty, we grew apart and hardly even talked to each other. When we both were married with families of our own, we once again became close. A few years back, something happened that tore us apart again, but we managed to get past it and are once again close. Maybe we should be called the YO YO Sisters. ;-)

Even though me and my sisters hardly see each other, we still love each other and pray for each other. We used to have Sister's Vacations. When our mom passed away, we agreed to get together every year for a few days and do something fun. It lasted for quite a few years, but then we all moved away from each other. For awhile, myself, Norma and Linda would go away for a weekend. But, it's been awhile since we have gone anywhere together. The last time was when my grandson, Lucas, wasn't even a year old yet....and he is now five years old. Here are a couple pictures from our last Sister's Vacation. It was a trip to Lake Tahoe. I went on my first helicopter was fun but the ride wasn't nearly fast enough. :-)

So, those are my sisters. I also have 3 brothers named John, Eddie and Paul. (Eddie is with the Lord now)

Thank you for meeting my sisters. Do you have any sisters? How close are you? 

Have a great week! God bless.


  1. Nope, I just have two younger brothers. I don't think I would have liked having sisters, for the most part. The families I was friends with that had a bunch of girls always seemed so competitive to me. And way more girly haha. Thanks for letting us meet your sisters, Debbie! :)

    1. Hey Sarah, I totally understand your reasoning. I think I would have been lonely if I were the only girl....yet, I would have had more alone time with my mom. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Yes, I have 3 sisters and I am close with 2 of them. :)

  3. Wow, I lost count on the sisters. :) Sounds like some rich times you've spent together in recent years. Reminds me of the RENU my husband, Chuck, and I hosted for his siblings after the last brother entered the empty nest. We met for a weekend retreat which we titled, Rife Empty Nesters Unite! That was in 2011, but we're talking about another one for 2014. Definitely takes getting it on the calendar early, 'cause all of us are spread out either and yon.

    I have two older sisters, one in TN and the other in Washington state. I'm closer with the TN sister by locale and in age. The WS sister is 12 years my senior. Though we have similar interests, we don't get together very often.

    1. Eileen, welcome! Your comment made me smile. Rife Empty Nesters Unite......perfect! There is ten years difference between me and my oldest sister and two years between me and my youngest sister. Thanks so much for dropping by! God bless, my friend.