Monday, March 25, 2013


Ship's Log  03.25.2013

Ahoy Mateys! This here be me new MONDAY MOOD SWING post. Each Monday, I will be doing/sharing different things, dependin' on me MOOD......

Today's mood be ANGRY AT ANGRY BIRDS!!!!

Look! They are laughing at me!

angry birds 13 Top 20 Angry Birds Pictures Free Download

For those of you who have been living in a cave, Angry Birds is one of the most popular games played today. It started out, I believe, on the Android OS, went to smartphones and is now EVERYWHERE! 

I have been playing this game on Facebook. It started out innocent enough, playing against my husband and daughter. But what started out as a laid back, fun and relaxing game has turned into a true hate fest on my behalf. I now know why it is called Angry Birds. Those little birds can take the most sweet person and turn her into someone who wants to toss those birds across the room! 


angry birds picture for iphone game Top 20 Angry Birds Pictures Free Download

As you play this game, it encourages you to use Power Ups. These could be bombs, sling shots, earthquakes, etc.....

DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!  These so called Power Ups only make you more mad, they are there to taunt you. I will be playing the game and see the opportunity to use a bomb to get ahead in points and what happens? I use that bomb and it overshoots the target! Now, my hubby and daughter will tell you that it is my fault that I overshoot things, but that's only because they want to win!

angry birds 15 Top 20 Angry Birds Pictures Free Download

If you have never played Angry Birds, be warned, it can be addictive.  It can also be the cause of a lot of anger issues between you and those birds.

 My daughter found the picture below and I thought I'd share it with you:

So, you may ask me 'Are you still going to play Angry Birds?' Well, of course I will still play! This game may make me scream at my computer screen, it may make me want to toss those birds to the moon, but what better way to get out my frustration? It's better than smacking my hubby, isn't it?

What about you? Do you play Angry Birds? Are you any good at it, or are you like me and just play hoping to take third place? Oh, there are times when I take second place and once I even placed first (total fluke) but for the most part, I struggle just to stay in third. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on Angry Birds or any game that you play that irritates you, yet you play because you truly like it. 

Thanks for stopping by......God bless! 


  1. Hi Chap - I have played Angry Birds, but really did not do well, so I don't play it anymore. I am enjoying Sudoku on my iPhone and Jigsaw World on FB.
    Please just keep yelling at the birds instead of anyone

    1. Hey Betz..I also loved Sudoku and most word puzzles..keeps the brain sharp..and no worries , I will make sure my anger stays focused on those birds..hugs..

    2. I meant to say love , not loved...silly me..

  2. I've never played it, lol. Don't think I will. Love the part about "it's better than smacking my hubby" hahaha :D Yes, some games make me really mad. Halo is one of them. My brothers and guy friends all love it and it was pretty much the first and only video game I played for a long time, which gave me the idea for years that I didn't like and was really bad at video games! But it turns out, there are a lot I like and am even not bad at hahaha. There's just something about that one that is so FRUSTRATING!! :O

    1. You are probably smart not to play Angry Birds..I've never played Halo...glad you did find some games that you enjoy..thanks for stopping by..