Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Reliance by MaryLu Tyndall

Ship's Log 02.06.2013

Ahoy Mateys! Me next writings be about me Cap'n Tyndall's novel 'The Reliance'.


Here be the description from Cap'n Tyndall's website:

Tormented by his wife's apparent demise, Edmund Merrick sails away to drown his sorrows-only to find himself trapped in the dark world of a demented Frenchman. When his mind clears from its rum-induced haze, will Edmund find the will to escape? Seemingly abandoned by her husband, Charlisse is thrown into the clutches of the vengeful pirate Kent. Will she be swept away by the undertow of treachery and despair? Can Edmund and Charlisse steer their way to the faith-filled haven they so desperately seek, or will they ultimately lose their love and lives to the sea?

My Review:

This continuing story about Captain Edmund Merrick and Charlisse is just as exciting as 'The Redemption'. The whole time I was reading this novel, I wanted to physically grab Merrick by the shoulders and shake some sense into him. This story plays out so vividly in your mind, that you feel like you are right there within arms reach of each character. The introduction of the relationship between Kent and Isabel was well written. There are many readers out there that would reject a 'pirate' book solely on the fact that it is about pirates. But, I encourage those same people to pick up this novel and give it a chance. There will not be any disappointments. You will be swept up into a world of faith, history, adventure, romance.......I can go on and on. MaryLu Tyndall's novels have it all! Happy reading and God bless!

I encourage you to go to MaryLu's website and watch the videos for her books.

And don't forget about her upcoming March release of Forsaken Dreams.

If you have a moment, please read my previous post. Thank you and God bless.


  1. Love your review, Debbie! That's so much better than anything I could write... I usually end up just re-summarizing the story :/ I'm going to try to do them more like this from now on :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, I try not to tell much about the actual story, because it really doesn't say how I like it. :)