Monday, February 4, 2013

The Redemption

Ship's Log 01.04.2013

I find it fitting to start my reviews with The Redemption by MaryLu Tyndall, since I be Chaplain of MaryLu's Motley Crew aboard the ship Redemption.

Description: Copied from MaryLu's website: 

Lady Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew, only to find herself shipwrecked on a desert island. Near starvation, she is rescued by a band of pirates and their fiercely handsome leader, Edmund Merrick. Will Clarisse win her struggle against the seductive lure of this pirate captain? While battling his attraction to this winsome lady, Edmund offers to help Charlisse on her quest-until he discovers her father is none other than Edward the Terror, the cruelest pirate on the Caribbean. Can Edmund win this lady's love while shielding her from his lecherous crew and working to bring her father to justice?

My Review:

I had never heard of MaryLu Tyndall before I read this novel. My daughter had bought the trilogy for herself and after reading the description, I asked to borrow 'The Redemption'. Well, after just the first few pages, I was hooked. MaryLu's style of writing is unique. She manages to pull you right into the story and keeps you there until the very end............of course, in a triolgy, the end isn't until the end of the third novel.
I always thought of pirates as exciting, yet taboo, because of their nature. In 'The Redemption', MaryLu shows us that even the vilest pirate can have compassion and regrets. In her novels she combines faith, romance and adventure on the high seas!
History is a large part of MaryLu's novels. I have never liked studying history, not in school or later in life. I now find myself intrigued by the history that these novels bring to life.
The main character, Lady Charlisse Bristol, is a very brave woman. All that she has to endure to find her father is astounding! You will find yourself rooting for her and worrying about her. Of course, there is a handsome pirate in the story, Captain Edmund Merrick. The way these two characters play off of each other is hilarious. I really had a hard time putting this novel down. I lost a lot of sleep while reading it, as I do with each of MaryLu's novels.
So, if you are looking for a very good read, pick up 'The Redemption' and enjoy a novel with faith, intrigue, romance, high seas adventure, history and pirates! It will be the best 'movie' you have never seen.


And don't be forgettin' about MaryLu's newest release that be comin' out in March!



  1. Wow, thanks for the great review, Chaplain!!! Hugs!

    1. Thanks, Cap'n, I am going to try to post all of my reviews eventually. :)