Thursday, October 10, 2013

And the winning caption is...............................

Ship's Log  10.10.2013

Ahoy Mateys! This was a really tough decision for me to make. I had it narrowed down to two people and just could not choose I turned to my daughter, Debra Dawn, for help. What I did was I assigned a number to each person (1 and 2) and asked Debra to pick a number. She chose number 2. And who was assigned the number 2? 

The winning caption of my 100th blog post is:

Oh yea Party in my crib!

Congrats to Jackie! You are the winner of my special anniversary blog! And for being the winner, you will be receiving.....

I will be contacting you soon!

(For inquiring minds....Reuben/Amanda Rog was the other caption I loved. It really was a hard choice....thanks to Debra for helping me out!)

Thanks to everyone who played along this week! Be looking for a future blog post and giveaway featuring MaryLu Tyndall's upcoming release Elusive Hope.  

Come again! God bless.