Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the winnin' caption be........

Ship's Log   10.17.2013

Okay here be me favorite caption, Mateys!

Chap Debbie: "Me only be havin' two hands, so me had to do something with the 3rd grandbaby!"
Cecelia: (looking up at her Grammie in confusion) "Couldn't you figder out somethin' better than a box for my cousin Luke--I wanted to meet him too!" 
Luke: "How'd me get stuck inside this box?" 
Tate: "OK mates--I'm bored with all this--time for a nap!"

Congrats Jon and Vicki Marney! Thanks fer playin' along, Mateys!

Thanks fer comin' aboard.....come back next week fer some more!!!!!   God bless.

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