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Ahoy Mateys! Today I am pleased to be introducin' ye to a great author, Joanne Bischof. Come aboard and learn about Joanne and her newest release Though My Heart Is Torn....

Meet Joanne

Married to her first sweetheart, Joanne lives in the mountains of Southern California where she keeps busy making messes with their home schooled children. When she’s not weaving Appalachian romance, she’s blogging about faith, writing, and the adventures of country living that bring her stories to life.

You can find out more about Joanne at her website:

Joanne is a wonderful author that I found not long ago. Her stories truly touch my soul. Enjoy the interview I had with her....I am sure you will come to love her and her books as much as I do.

I wish to thank Joanne for taking time to answer my questions. I truly appreciate it.


  1. How did you come up with such wonderful characters? Did you base Gideon and Lonnie off anyone you know, or are they completely made up?
I’m so blessed to know you found these characters to be wonderful. Thank you! That is always a writer’s hope. They are mainly made up, but there are people in my life who’ve given me little snippets of who these characters are. And I confess, I love to people watch. I’m always observing people, drawing little bits of inspiration wherever I can. I think that’s really what helped me write Gideon as he thinks and feels in a way I wasn’t used to. But in truth, he was one of my favorite characters to work with. I loved the challenge of creating the thoughts and feelings of a scoundrel. It was a great experience, made all the more so as he grew, matured and struggled through the lessons in the story he had to learn.

2. How much research goes into your books and where do you get your    resources from?

When I first started this series, the greatest challenge I faced was understanding what life was like in the Appalachian region in 1900. I began digging around and stumbled on a handful of first-hand accounts and memoirs from folks who had grown up in that area. I started with these and the more I read, the more I fell in love with the region and was fascinated by the stories these people had to tell. Later, I contacted the Patrick County Historical Society and they’ve been such an aid in helping me dig around for facts or details that I just couldn’t find anywhere else. For those of you who’ve driven the Blue Ridge Parkway, these stories are set exactly where that was put in some years later. I’ve taken every virtual journey down this road that I could and my dad and I have even been scheming of a road trip. I’m hoping that one day soon, we’ll be able to hit the road and soak in the sights!

3. When you wrote Though My Heart Is Torn, did you find it hard throwing Gideon and Lonnie into such dire circumstances? 

I really did. They’d already gone through so much in Be Still My Soul and I think my heart broke a lot for Lonnie and what she would endure. Gideon also as their journeys are so parallel, but for very different reasons as it’s his mistakes that will end up breaking her heart. One of the concepts that I really wanted to infuse into this book was the idea that sometimes life is hard, and sometimes bad things happen because another person made a poor choice, but never is the situation too much for God. Never is the hurt too deep for joy to be restored. Not when God is there with us each step of the way.

4. In the final book of this series, will you be wrapping this whole story up or are you hoping to pick up these lives again one day? 

That’s right…everything for Lonnie and Gideon is going to wrap up in the final book, My Hope is Found. I do have an idea centered around some of the other characters in the series and while I don’t know if it’s a story that will ever be written, I always hope to be able to bring you more books set in historical Appalachia. I’m excited for what’s on the horizon!

5. What do you hope people will take away from reading this series?

I love to write about redemption. I love to take people who are unlikely heroes and show their growth throughout a story. I hope readers will be reminded that hope is never lost, change can always happen and that happy endings aren’t just for fairy tales.
People have shared with me that Though My Heart is Torn and a box of Kleenex pretty much go hand in hand. It’s an emotional journey and I think often times, the happily-ever-after is all the more richer—purer, sweeter—if we had found ourselves looking out from the darkness and wondering how sweet the light might taste and if one day we might see it again. Though all hope may seem lost and though weeping may endure for a night, joy comes in the morning.

6. One last question. If you could live in any time or place, where would you choose?

Oooh, that’s so tough to choose! When I was younger, I used to wonder what it could be like to live in the 1800’s or early 1900’s as that’s one of my favorite time periods. But thinking on it, I feel so blessed to be where I am when I am. There are so many things I would miss about life these days and one thing I love is being able to slip away for a few moments of quiet and peace, just as people would have done in the olden days. Sometimes just watching a sunset or listening to a nightful of crickets, makes me realize how much the world truly is the same, even after all the decades that have passed.

Weren't those great answers? Here is a look at the cover of Though My Heart Is Torn. Gorgeous!

Now, about the book. Here is a description:

Gideon O’Riley has two wives—but he doesn’t know it. 
Settling into a simple life in the majestic Blue Ridge mountains, Lonnie and Gideon O’Riley have finally found happiness after the rocky start to their marriage. The roguish bluegrass musician has fallen in love with his gentle wife and the God she serves, and Lonnie rests secure in his tenderness for her and their young son. A heartless ruse interupts their peace, bringing them back to Rocky Knob—and forces them to face the claims of Cassie Allan, a woman who says she is Gideon’s rightful wife.
As Gideon wades into the depths of his past choices, Lonnie is stunned by the revelations. She has no choice but to navigate this new path, knowing that surviving the devastating blow will take every ounce of strength  she has.
While Gideon’s guilt  and his bitterness towards Cassie threatens to burn up his fledgling faith, Lonnie wrestles to find the courage to trust the God who brought them together in the first place. Will their hard-earned love be able to conquer all? 
Lonnie only wanted her husband’s love. Now that he belongs to another, can she surrender Gideon to a God with a bigger plan?

Intriguing, isn't it? May I suggest you read the first book in this series, Be Still My Soul, before reading this one, so that you will know who the characters are and where they come from. 

Here is my review of Though My Heart Is Torn:

When I read the first book in this series, BE STILL MY SOUL, I was totally captivated by the characters....they truly captured my soul. Well, now my heart is stolen as well. THOUGH MY HEART IS TORN will grab you and not let go. I literally went through half a box of tissues...and that was when I was only halfway through the book! I have come to love Gideon and Lonnie, to the point that when anything comes between them, I get upset. This chapter in their lives put me through the wringer; I was completely exhausted by the time I finished reading this book. Gideon and Lonnie have had to face adversity in the past, but nothing compared to what they have to face in THOUGH MY HEART IS TORN.....oh, what a fitting title. I won't give anything away, because I want every reader to feel what I felt, to experience every emotion possible....and don't forget the tissue!

Even though I was given a copy of this book by the author, I was not required to give a positive review.

Note: Joanne is a finalist in the Christy Awards for her book Be Still My Soul! Congrats to you Joanne...praying you win; you really deserve it!!

You can purchase both of Joanne's books at and



 In the comments, answer the question below to be entered to win a copy of one of Joanne's books...your choice of either Be Still My Soul  or Though My Heart Is Torn.  Please US residents only and make sure that you put your email address so that I can contact you promptly. Oh, and I'd appreciate you putting your name as well, so I know who you are...some comments say anonymous. 

Question:  What would you do if you found out that your husband was unknowingly married to someone else, while still married to you? (Short or long answers welcomed)


Thank ye fer visitin' me blog today....God bless!


  1. To find out my husband already had a wife would be horrible! wow! I would love to read this one as I fell in love with the characters in the first book. Thanks! Rhonda

    1. Oh Rhonda! You are going to LOVE this second book in the series. Good luck in the drawing!

  2. I am not married, but I know it would be heart-renching to find out my husband would be married to someone else too. I am sure for her as well...if she didn't know. Who would be the real wife, who was married to him first...anger, hurt and a lot of pain would be involved...deception,
    I know people that have gone through this. I am so thankful that
    God still restores, heals and loves!
    Great interview Chap. I just recently ran into Joanne myself. I have
    her first book..but have not read it yet as I am still reading Forsaken Dreams. Be Still My Soul is next on my list.
    My e-mail is:

    LOve this blog post...very interesting interview..thank you!

    1. Johnette, you are going to love Be Still My Soul. The characters will truly capture your heart...and the second book? All I can say is have some kleanex handy. :) Good luck in the drawing!

  3. Awesome post, Chappy! Adding another book to my "want" list! :)
    Boy, I can't even imagine that much less try to answer. I seriously have no clue. Anger is probably what would come first then probably even go into depression. I know I would probably question God as to "why? Why me?".
    Susan P
    farmygirl at hotmail dot com

    1. Yep, hard question. Thanks for stopping by, Susan, you are in the drawing! Good luck!

  4. Wow!!!! That would be like a shock! I know i would probably be so angry! I would want answers and I know I would be doing a lot of talking to the Lord. Cause I know I wouldn't be able to handle it on my own. Woud love to win.

    1. Hey Diana, thanks for dropping by and answering the question. Yes, prayer would be a big factor. Good luck in the drawing.

  5. Well I would be devastated that's for sure. Also in a state of shock. Definitely feeling betrayed! It would be like having the rug pulled out from underneath you.
    I experienced a betrayal of 25 years, in my first marriage. I was clueless to what was going on. That rocked my boat and all I can say is Wow! I'd never want to experience that again!

    Thanks for this great interview with Joanne and this wonderful giveaway.

    Judy B

    1. Judy, thank you so much for sharing your experience. You truly know how it feels, I am sure. Good luck in the drawing!!

  6. Debbie, thank you so much for having me! My facebook page held your link hostage and then I finally found it this morning!! SO fun to see these ladies stop by! I think the question for me, isn't so much how I would feel, because I think we could all agree that it would be horrendous, but more of how do we get through it? And that is only by God's faithfulness. Feeling his tender hand in that darkest hour and though all hope seems lost, knowing that HE will never leave us nor forsake us. And although mankind will fail us throughout life, it is God who is always by our side, loving us even when others can't or won't. And even then, it is God who will give us the strength to rise up and love others who are perhaps undeserving and He is our strength to love them even when it's hard.

    1. Joanne, thank you so much for coming by my blog.. Your books are so inspiring and truly touch my soul.. Yes, only through God's faithfulness can anyone get through something like this.. Thank you for answering God's call to write..I am anxiously awaiting Book 3!! God bless !

  7. Heh, what a loaded question with so many possible outcomes but many involve me chasing him with a bb gun.. After all that I would assume he would profess his undying love for me and annul that marriage. Or all heck is gonna break loose and he'll be sleeping in the warehouse.
    Thanks for the giveaway-- since you mentioned the box of tissues thing I felt I ought to give this new author a try!
    marieburton2004 at yahoo dot com

  8. Hello Marie!! Yes, you will definitely need a box of tissues. Both of Joanne's books will touch you emotionally..I love the BB gun image..LOL
    Good luck in the drawing!

  9. To find out that my husband was all ready married would just be the end of my life...This book sounds so good and would love to win it. Thanks for the giveaway.Joanne it sounds so good.

    1. Liz, both of Joanne's books are great!! Good luck in the drawing!

  10. I have already posted my response..but I remember my mom would always joke with my dad. She told him if he ever left my mom for another woman...He had better make sure that woman loved him....because she would beat him to a pulp and the other woman would have to wait on him hand and foot. We always sounds rather horrible to read it..but after 40 years of beating yet =)

    1. Johnette, that is so funny!! Your mom sounds like a great lady. 40 years? Wow, that is so wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. Hugs!!

  11. I really can't imagine what I would feel like or think. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in Jan. 2014! I think, since we work together alot, I would have figured it out about 25 years

    I have not read the first book, so they both sound very interesting!


    1. Betti, I highly recommend beginning with Be Still My Soul. You should really meet these wonderful characters from the beginning of their story. Good luck in the drawing.

  12. Yikes! What a question! I don't know what I would do...other than pray, pray, PRAY for God to show me through it and walk with me along the path. I haven't read any of her books, but I think I'm hooked!


    Amanda Rog

    1. Trust me, these books will have you hooked big time!! Good luck in the drawing..