Friday, March 27, 2015

Me Favorite Caption for the week!

Ship's Log   03.27.2015

Here be me favorite caption, Mateys!

Tracy says:    

Lucas: Hello Grandma! Yer looking pretty as ever!

Grandma: Have ye seen where the sweets are?

*Tate watching Lucas closely as Lucas trys to cover up that he ate all of the goodies for all the Grandchildren*

Lucas: I haven't seen the sweets since this morning.

*Lucas smiling as much as he can, but feels a stomach ache coming on. Tate taking a note of not to eat to many sweets.*

I LOVE it, Tracy!

Thanks to everyone else who played along. Here be the other captions:

Regina says:       Tate: Granny, not another mug shot! I mean, really?
                                 Lucas:  Ssh granny doesn't see me.

Mary says:         Do you think they heard me pass gas? 

Debra says:       Tate says "I don't think that is how you are supposed to smile".

Barbara says:   ( I seen where grandma put the cookies)( oh really)

Sarah says:      Tate: "Good morning! You're watching Tate in the Morning.                                    I'm Tate, your host, and I'm here talking with actor Lucas about                              his new movie. (Turns to Lucas). So tell me, Lucas, what is 
                              the movie about?"

Norma says:  Lucas: "If you do a fake smile like this Tate they will take your                                  picture."  
                             Tate: "really dude you look silly."

Thanks fer the smiles, Mateys! Hugs and God bless!

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