Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday With a Twist

Ship's Log   02.18.2015

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome once again to me Wordless Wednesday With A Twist! All ye need to be doin' is give me a great caption fer me posted picture. I will post all of the captions in a new post while featurin' me favorite! No booty to be had here, except fer some good laughs. 

Time to make Chappy laugh, Mateys!  Caption this:

So, what say you? How would ye caption this picture of me adorable granddaughter, Snow? 

Image result for laughing happy faces

I can't wait to read yer get busy makin' me laugh.....GO!


  1. From Norma:
    "Hey, I said I don't want fruit loops with chicken nuggets again!"

  2. Whatcha lookin at? This my lunch yo!

  3. "I said I didn't like the lemon Froot Loops!"

  4. Mary says: "That's it! I'm done! I asked for Cocoa Puffs!!"

    Chappy here....Funny!

  5. Carol says: You expect me to eat what? Lady, you must have missed your nap!

    Chappy here: LOL!

  6. My first reaction was "Fruit loop explosion!"

    Then I was looking at her hands and thinking of those tall tale fish stories... "I'm tellin' ya, I once saw a fruit loop that was THIS big!"

  7. Hahaha....I love your imagination. Thanks fer playing!

  8. Hahaha....I love your imagination. Thanks fer playing!