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                          April 23RD-April 29TH 

Ahoy Mateys! Welcome aboard, find yerself a nice spot on the deck and enjoy.

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BIO (Taken from Amazon):

"Healing words for hurting hearts," is how Eileen Rife describes her books. Whether through fiction or nonfiction, Eileen wants readers to come away with love that extends beyond themselves, faith that can see the impossible, and hope that endures against all odds.

As a child, Eileen loved writing and telling stories. Walking to school every morning, she created characters, then talked to them as she ambled down the road, which was often her way of dealing with grief and loss. After the death of her brother, Eileen learned to empathize with the underdog. Many of Eileen's stories revolve around issues that many find difficult to talk about--death, homosexuality, sex trafficking. Through her characters, she offers readers an opportunity to draw close, peel back the layers of their own hearts, and examine what lies within. 

And added to the mix--romance, always a romance around one corner or another!

An alumna of Christian Writers Guild and member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Eileen has published several nonfiction books, written newsletters, a marriage column, and over ten church dramas. Her byline has appeared in magazines, such as Discipleship Journal, Marriage Partnership, Mature Living, Christian Home & School, Drama Ministry, and ParentLife, as well as other print and online publications. Her fiction works include Second Chance and the Born for India trilogy (Journey to Judah, Restored Hearts, and Chosen Ones). She and husband, Chuck, a licensed professional counselor and marriage/family therapist conduct marriage seminars for churches and organizations in the states and overseas. They have three married children and six grandchildren.

Eileen would love to have you stop by for a visit at her place:

Eileen has penned many wonderful books. Her newest additions will put a smile on your face. 

Out of the Mouth of Gabe is the culmination of almost two years worth of collecting cute kid quips by Grandma Eileen. On scraps of paper. On napkins. In journals. And yes, even on her hand. At all times of the day and night. In the car. At a picnic. In the back yard. No matter where they were or what they were doing, grandson Gabe had much to share. Some of it witty, and some of it downright funny. You know what the Bible says, "Out of the mouth of babes . . ." Well, in Eileen Rife's case, it's out of the mouth of Gabe. Enjoy this collection of endearing and often thought-provoking kid quips!

My Review:

Big, big smile!
This book is something that was SO meant to be written! Little Gabe says the most funny and insightful things....I am so glad that his Grandma Eileen put them down in a book. It is a fast read, but a very rewarding one. The things our 3 and 4 year old kids/grandkids say can totally blow us away, but we never think to write any of those sayings down. Eileen had the foresight to not only write them down, but to put them in this must-have book. I guarantee that Gabe will have you smiling...and you read his cute kid quips. Bravo, Eileen! I look forward to more of these fun books!

Eileen's newest book, WIT & WISDOM FROM THE WEE ONES, sounds like another wonderful read. Even though I've yet to read and review this book, I am sure I will love it.

Kids can take us right to the heart of God, one way or another. When they provoke frustration, we breathe a silent prayer for grace. When they incite giggles, we hear God’s laughter as well. When they stimulate an endearing moment, we sense God’s touch. When they utter a profound statement, we step back in wonder. What is this phenomenon a little one evokes? Bubbly ripples of laughter that transport us to another realm. Unabashed honesty that cuts to the chase. Joy splashing around our ankles, light spilling into shadow, awakening us to a childlike appreciation for the world around us. If we take the time, if we listen, if we stoop to their level, we can go where kids go—straight to the heart of God. Wit & Wisdom from the Wee Ones is a collection of cute quips and quotes inspired by Eileen’s grandchildren. Along with other contributors, Eileen cracks the door to the whimsical, yet often wise world of the child.

Like I said earlier, Eileen has written several wonderful books. Follow this link to check out her books:


                             MOVIES & TV

 I was going through my videos the other day and came across these two. My grandkids no longer watch them and they are still like new. If you are interested in winning both videos, just go to the Giveaway section below for details on how to win. 

This week I wanted to tell you about a special organization, the Guideposts OurPrayer Group. This is a program that is near and dear to my heart, because I am one of the volunteers. There are so many prayer requests out there and this program provides a place for people to voice those requests. I am part of the online written prayer program, where I read prayer requests, then I type out a prayer and send it back to those who sent them in. There are even volunteers who will pray over the phone as well. It is a very rewarding experience and I highly recommend becoming a volunteer. I am posting a link to the Guidepost site and the OurPrayer Facebook page. Check it out and see if maybe it's something you would consider doing.


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This week I found a nice little blog that offers great dog tips. If you own a dog, go over and check it out. It looks like it posts once a week....Fridays. I'm sure past posts will offer some great tips. I will be checking it out more in the future. Here is the link:

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                           SHIP'S GALLEY:


This would make a great Mother's Day cake!
Flower Box Cake

1 Cake Mix (we like Pillsbury)
Chocolate Frosting
Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Cookies
Crushed Oreo Cookies
Mini White Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Wilton Candies
Green Sticks
White & Chocolate Cookie Icing (Betty Crocker)
Chocolate Jimmies
Start out by making any cake mix in a loaf pan. We also made a few cupcakes with some of the extra. Bake according to directions. Frost with chocolate frosting. Cut the Pepperidge Farm cookies in half & press them around the sides. Top the cake with crushed Oreo’s.
For the flowers you can use mini Reese’s cups. Squeeze a little icing around the edges on the top & then attach on the candies. You could also use M&M’s for this. Let that dry & then poke in your stick. Then push them in another Reese’s mini cup so they  stand up straight. Dig little holes in the cake (the kids will love this part) & then top with some more frosting. It’s like you are planting real flowers!:)
Add chocolate icing & chocolate jimmies on the yellow ones to make them look like sunflowers. 



To enter to win both Hello Kitty videos, simply tell me in the comment section below that you wish to enter....please leave you email address, so that I can contact you should you win. (US residents only, sorry)





Come back next week, Mateys, to see who wins the Hello Kitty videos!


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  1. Your blog invigorates me with its bright colors and soothing ocean background. And such variety of entries, from articles, to reviews, to freebies, to helpful resources. Thanks for writing/hosting this blog, Debbie! And thanks for your support.

    1. Hey Eileen, thanks for dropping by. It's my pleasure to spread the word about your books.

  2. Good Blog as usual. Smurf would enjoy watching those hello kitty videos. Pretty cake choice. I checked out the other blogs have to say I dog blog is my favorite. Almost done with novel #3 😊 Have a wonderful day

  3. Ye be entered, Matey! Yep, that blog looks pretty good. Glad you are enjoying MaryLu's books!