Friday, November 28, 2014

And the winner of my Tears of the Sea giveaway be........

Ship's Log  11.28.2014

The winner of my Tears of the Sea giveaway is TINA RICE!!!

Here is her winning story(selected by me and MaryLu):

Many years have passed since Elsie last saw Ethan.
Ethan still can't get Elsie out of his heart and mind after all these years.
Remembering brings heartache but also joy.
Miles away a friend of both Elsie and Ethan is hatching a plan to bring them together again.
An invitation comes in the mail to attend a surprise party for a dear friend.
It might be fun to see her old friends, but will she run into Ethan?
Dreams do really come true even after many years...

Congrats to Tina! And thanks to everyone who played!

Hugs and God bless!

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