Saturday, September 27, 2014

And the winner be.....................

Ship's Log   09.27.2014

Ahoy Mateys! This be it, the announcin' of me winner. I won't be makin' ye wait any longer, so here it be:

Congrats to the winner. I will be contactin' ye soon to get yer mailin' address! Thanks to all of ye Mateys who joined in the fun! Be careful steppin' off me ship....I don't want to have to haul ye out of the waters.  Hugs and God bless!


  1. Haha. Cute video. What is Lucas wearing on his head? :D

    Congratulations, Debora!!

  2. Lol too cute I would like to buy one of these from you if you can make another ~Angel Burns

  3. Congrats to the winner!! As with Angel - I would be interested in buying one, also!! Thanks you for making the giveaway possible Debbie!!