Thursday, January 31, 2013

Forsaken Dreams

Ahoy one and all! To kick things off, I wish to give you a head's up on MaryLu's upcoming new release FORSAKEN DREAMS. The following is something I copied from MaryLu Tyndall: Swashbuckling Romance Facebook Page. It is a great review by Patsy Glans:
Forsaken Dreams, my new release in March, Just received a 4.5 Star Rating from Romantic Times!!!

Ahoy mateys! A wild adventure on the high seas awaits readers with Tyndall’s new Escape to Paradise series. There is romance, deep secrets, intrigue and a chance at having happiness after the horrors of war. Strong characters and a few surprises will make this a favorite of historical fans and make it a part of their keeper shelf.

Eliza Crawford wants to start over and forget all about the ugliness of the Civil War, in which she lost everything. She is also carrying a terrible secret that could affect how people treat her, including Colonel Blake Wallace, the person spearheading this adventure to Brazil. Also recovering from the horrors of the war, Blake seeks peace and quiet. Will the dangers of the high seas prevent this ragtag group of people from finding what they are looking for, or will they discover more danger in their dreams of a utopia? (BARBOUR, Mar., 330 pp., $12.99)  Reviewed By: Patsy Glans




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    1. Sue: I was not sure how to let you know you had won Michael Bunker's new book Wick over at my blog ( but followed your name from my blog and found you watched this blog so gave it a try. Just go to the blog post and it will tell you how to contact me so I can send the book out.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sue! I can't wait either!

  3. Hi Chaplain--

    Add me to the list of folks who can't wait to read the Capt.'s books; they're a pure joy-- time to relax and get inspired. Lovely blog, Debbie!